All work and no play makes Meredith a dull girl!

I’ve been a bit of a workaholic lately….I hope my friends and family forgive me! I teach all day, then when I get off work I either grab my camera and go straight to a photo shoot, or get on the computer to fill orders, answer emails, edit pictures, make Christmas cards….the list is endless. Since a few of my photo shoots were rained out I was able to completely catch up on my work….well just for today. It starts all over again tomorrow! But let me tell you, the past few months have been AAHHH-MAAAZ-ING!! My photography business has really kicked off and I could not be more excited. But one Sunday….a gorgeous, sunny day with cool breezes…..can you feel it? My husband, Phillip and I decided it was a much needed day for some R&R. No work…time to play. Besides, it was WAY too beautiful to be sitting in front of a computer. We took a little trip out to Grand Bay here in Valdosta. It’s one of those little hidden treasures that some people don’t know about in this town. We took the paths through the swamp and found some beautiful things, and funny creatures. It is so peaceful out there…so quiet. As you walk through the entrance of the swamp, a sign reads “leave only footprints, and take only pictures.” That sums up our day. It was perfect. Enjoy some pictures from our little walk through the swamp of Grand Bay. I can tell you, it completely refreshed me. Its amazing how a little play can make you feel like new.

oh….and isn’t my husband just the cutest!?

grand bay

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