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Newborn Studio / Home office

When people book a newborn session with me, the first question is always, “Where will the pictures be taken?” I of course can travel to your home, but the best place I have found to do all of my newborn sessions are in my home “studio.” The front room of our house used to be a formal dining room. We never went in there….maybe had dinner in there twice! So, Phillip and I decided to turn that room into a sitting room/office. I LOVE working in there. My computer desk is in the room, there’s lots of natural light streaming in. It is a happy place to work. I can even roll away the coffee table / ottoman to have space to do yoga! This room looks like the top picture when I am not having a newborn session. But when I have a session scheduled in the morning, I roll the ottoman and rug away, move the couch and chairs to the side and turn this room into a natural light newborn studio. I add a space heater, soothing sound machine, and turn the lights out and just let the natural light stream in through the large windows. I absolutely love photographing newborns in this room. It’s a comfy space that I spend so much time in now! We are so happy we changed this room from a no-use dining room, to a room we use everyday! I’ve posted a couple pictures to give you an inside peek into where I spend a lot of time :)

Office / Sitting Room

Office turned into newborn studio

Office and large closet that stores all of my newborn props.

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