Family Session Guide

First, let’s decide on your location. (I have 3 options I offer):

A) For most of my sessions, I use my personal property in Hahira, GA It is full of beautiful trees, woodsy trails, wooden fences, and pastures, that make a lovely backdrop for portraits. This is my standard and preferred location that is popular and perfect for most sessions.















B) A location with large ground touching mossy oak trees is also available, however this location requires a reservation and advanced notice if you would like this spot. This is a private residence where I will need to obtain permission ahead of time. There is an extra $50 to use this area. Please let me know your preference before the session so we can make arrangements, and I can give you the address. *This location is great if you prefer more backgrounds and a scenic look in your photos. If you prefer more close up, cuddly photos, this location won’t be necessary since the backgrounds won’t show as much for close up shots* 











C) Another popular option is my studio located at 104 S. church street Hahira, GA for a classic clean backdrop. This location is not recommended for active toddlers who are mobile and are running around. This works best for little ones who are not yet walking, for older children who are able to sit still, or for maternity sessions. The studio is perfect for cozy, cuddly sessions. It’s comfortable and climate controlled for those super hot or cold months (or rainy days!). Bathroom and changing room available. 

If you prefer I come to you, I most definitely can do so! However there is a travel fee of .75
per mile for distances (to and from) over 30 miles from 31632. There are lots of beautiful locations in south Ga, but keep in mind a lot of these locations charge a usage fee ranging from $25-$200 to use. If clients wish to use a different location than what I offer, clients are responsible for contacting the location to secure a reservation as well as covering the usage fee. The session will be held in ONE location only. Another location will require a second full priced session. 

2) Remember, your session is about documenting YOUR unique family. The best images happen when you are less posed, more relaxed, and enjoy being together. This is when I can capture true smiles and emotions. While Pinterest is full of cute ideas, please do not bring a list of poses to copy. Worrying about duplicating another family’s posed photos will make your session look less genuine. I want you to love your images, so if there is a pose that is important to you, please let me know. But relaxing and having fun will create the best images. 

3) My #1 most important tip for parents is to just smile through it all! I know this can be hard especially if a little one isn’t behaving how you’d like them to. It is my job to get your children to smile and look at me. No matter what your children are doing (looking around, picking their nose, not paying attention) this is OK! Please allow me to get their attention instead of you telling them to look at me. What happens more than I would like, is that I will have the most precious smile and expression from a child, only to find that the parents are talking and in mid sentence with mouth their open (or with a frustrated expression). This image will have to be thrown out, and it makes me sad! Just make sure to continue to smile through it all. Look at them adoringly (even if they are throwing a fit). When they eventually do look my way, or look at you with that sweet face, I want to be able to capture it with the parents 100% ready. 

4) Please do not bring lots of family members to the session who are not going to be in photos. Lots of people behind me making noises to get a little one’s attention can backfire. This causes a lot of stress for the child to perform, and a lot of times, they will not look at the camera if others are making noises at them. My goal is to get the child to look in my direction. I make lots of silly noises to do this! I may ask a parent to get behind me to help me out, but if not, I prefer to do this alone to get the child’s full attention towards the camera.

5) No idea what to wear? I have lots of beautiful mamma gowns and little girls dresses! Also, for ideas, visit this LINK for lots of color combo ideas for family clothing. For ladies, I also suggest Wren & Ivory. This website has lots of gorgeous dresses at affordable prices. They ship quickly as well. ***Please keep wardrobe changes to a minimum. Since we have an hour for our session, we will not have time for several outfit changes. As for children, one outfit for family shots, and maybe one other outfit for individual photos of your child/toddler works great. More than this can backfire causing toddlers/babies and small children to become irritable. 

6) Just remember to relax! Children can sense when their parents are stressed. This makes them feel uncomfortable at the session, and they can become shy and stressed out themselves. Smile and have a good time with them! Tickle them, hug and kiss them, love on them, and just enjoy this time together. Don’t worry about everything being perfect. It’s my job to look out for messy hair, or wardrobe issues. I will let you know if something needs to be fixed.  Just trust me, relax with your family, and enjoy having your snuggles documented! The best photograph is one that shows love and a genuine connection with your family – not a perfectly posed one. 

7) RETOUCHING: I always edit your images to make sure you look your best! Naturally occurring skin blemishes and imperfections will be taken care of at no extra charge if you wish. However, please note that issues that can be taken care of before the session including but not limited to: nail polish color/chips, makeup mistakes, wrinkles in clothing, un-styled hair, hair color/roots, food stains on clothes, unclean faces, sunless tanner streaks/color, tan lines, unwanted logos, wardrobe issues, dirty shoes, etc. will be charged extra to retouch. These issues can be easily corrected before a session, but they unfortunately take hours to correct in photoshop. Failure to prepare for your session will result in flaws being present in your images. I am happy to correct them for you, but know that there will be an added charge per image for these types, since they require extensive retouching, and cause severe delays in your gallery and other client’s galleries. Thank you for understanding.

SICK POLICY:  In order to keep my clients, and myself healthy for sessions, I have a sick policy. If anyone attending the session is sick on the day of the session (or has not been fever or symptom free for 24 hours), you MUST reschedule, or the sick individual must NOT attend the session. I am in close contact with newborns who have delicate immune systems.  Please do not come to the session sick. If I become ill, I may have to reschedule several other client’s sessions. If a client comes to the session sick, I may ask them to reschedule for the safety of my newborn clients . Thank you for understanding, and abiding by this policy.

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STUDIO: 104 S. Church St. Hahira, GA 31632

229-563-3107 | M-Th 9am-5pm

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