Preparing for your Cake Smash & Bubble Bath session!

Your baby is ONE!! Where has time gone!?! A cake smash session is such a fun way to celebrate this milestone! A lot of times we have too much going on at the birthday party to really soak it all in and get those adorable photos of our babies enjoying their first few tastes of cake. This session is a fantastic way to freeze these moments in time and document how drastically your little one has changed over the past year.

How to prepare for the session:


Sessions can be done either outdoors, or indoors in the studio. The choice is totally up to you, based on what look you prefer.

Choose outdoors if you want the warm sunset look (sessions are about an hour or two before sunset) and more natural, grassy backgrounds. This is also a great choice if you want to add family portraits to the session.

Choose indoors if you prefer a cleaner classic look with studio light. There are a large selection of props and backgrounds that can be used in the studio, so it is equally adorable! This is also a good choice if your baby’s birthday falls during an exceptionally cold or hot month. Family photos can be done in the studio as well, but we are a little more limited to the types of poses we can do.


(A) Cake smash and/or bubble bath for your baby only:  I usually start with a shot or two of your baby before they dig into the cake. Then we move forward with the cake smash, and follow up with the bath at the end if you wish. Some parents decide they want to do the bath only, or the cake only, or both! This is totally up to you what you prefer.   You’ll receive an online proofing gallery where you can pick 15 photos to be perfectly edited, and downloaded with print release. No extra charge for twins/multiples $500. ($450 for returning newborn clients)

(B) Family session without cake smash or bath: This session is up to an hour and is just like a regular family session. (Please make sure to bring a blanket that coordinates with your family’s outfits.) We will take lots of photos of the family together, siblings, and individuals of your birthday boy/girl. We can omit the cake and bath all together, and just focus on getting great photos of your baby just as they are during this milestone. You’ll receive an online proofing gallery where you can pick 20 photos to be perfectly edited, and downloaded with print release. No extra charge for twins/multiples $500. ($450 for returning newborn clients)

(C) Cake smash and/or bubble bath PLUS a family session in the beginning of the session: This session is the same as above, but in the beginning, we will do a family/sibling session in the beginning! (Please make sure to bring a blanket that coordinates with your family’s outfits.) This includes photos of everyone together, siblings if applicable, and individual photos of your birthday boy/girl, followed by the cake/bath at the end. Please allow extra time for this session. You’ll receive an online proofing gallery where you can pick 25 photos to be perfectly edited, and downloaded with print release. No extra charge for twins/multiples. $550 two sessions for the price of one. ($500 for returning newborn clients)

What do you bring to a Cake Smash & Bath session?

Smash cake or anything else! – some purchase from a cake decorator, or you can get a mini buttercream cake decorated from publix for about $10. I no longer provide cakes for liability reasons due to food allergies. Some don’t use a cake at all! I have seen watermelon, donuts, you name it! If your baby hates cake, we can do something else!  **Please make sure your baby has had cake or tried the treat you are bringing BEFORE your session. Some babies do not like sweets, and it can be disappointing for parents to invest in a cake only to have the baby not want anything do do with it. Make sure to have a test run at home, especially to look out for allergies. Learning about a new allergy is not something you want happening at a session. (For this reason, I do not supply any food for your baby.)**

Extra baby wipes – things will get messy!

Towel – especially after a bubble bath. You will need something dry and warm to wrap your baby up in.

Drinks: I always recommend bringing something for your baby to drink. Sometimes babies get cranky during sessions and it can easily be fixed with a bottle, or sip of water or juice.

Paci/soothie, or favorite toy/lovie: Photo sessions can be weird for kids. It’s a new experience, and I may be a new face. I’m sure they don’t remember me from their sleepy newborn session! I also notice that around the 1 year mark, some babies experience separation anxiety, or what I call “stranger danger.” They have a hard time letting go of mom or dad. This is totally normal, so having something familiar that will comfort them can be super helpful.

Decorations: I keep things very simple for cake smash photos, and I do not provide themed decor. I have triangle bunting banners in neutral tones. (burlap, shabby chic brown patterns, and pink patterns – please make sure to email me and request this if you need me to bring it- otherwise it will not be supplied.) All other specific decor will need to be brought by the parents. The reason I don’t provide this is because each session is unique to each child. The decor would only be used for this one session, and then they would be tossed. That is why I always have parents bring any themed decor. A lot of times parents bring items they would use for the birthday party. You are welcome to bring balloons, banners, blankets, low cake stand (not necessary) or any other decor items to use at the session if you wish. I will have stakes to hang the banner if you bring one. 

While some parents choose to go all out and decorate, some choose to keep it very simple and natural. This is beautiful too! You can’t go wrong either way!

Blanket: Please bring your own blanket. Icing washes out easier than you might think! Use some Dawn dish soap afterwards and it will cut right through the oil in the icing. It washes out fairly easy! For the cake smash a small square blanket that goes with the colors of clothing/decor in any material works great. (Or we can fold a larger blanket in half as well if you don’t have a small square) In the studio, I use seamless paper for the backdrop. This is easy clean up because I will just cut off the messy used area after the session.

For the bubble bath:

I will bring a variety of tubs, warm water in a cooler, bubble bath (johnsons & johnsons) If your baby has sensitive skin and you prefer to bring your own bubble bath, please feel free to do so!

What should you wear if you’re taking family photos?

If you are doing a family session first, I recommend coordinating outfits everyone for that portion first. Clothing ideas can be found HERE in the outfit inspiration guide. Some parents also bring a separate outfit for photos of the baby by themselves. This is not necessary, but will give you more variety if you prefer that.  Also, for moms: Some of my favorite shops for clothing are Baltic Born, or Wren and Ivory. They have great dresses and quick shipping.

I also recommend an outfit for the cake smash. Some choose to go all out with birthday outfits, and others choose simple bloomers with no shirt. This is totally up to your preference, and looks adorable either way! Search pinterest for cake smash or 1 year old outfits, and you will find tons of cute ideas!

Just remember that changing a baby several times can make them cranky! I do not suggest more than 2-3 outfits total!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask! This is such fun time, and I look forward to documenting this special stage for your little one! I can be reached anytime via email:

(229) 563-3107 M-Th 9am-5pm only please. 


STUDIO: 104 S. Church St. Hahira, GA 31632

229-563-3107 | M-Th 9am-5pm

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