Tuesday Afternoon…

I recently had a bridal shower for my little sister at my house….we had lots of pretty flowers left over. I thought these are tooooo pretty to NOT get pictures of them!!! So, my husband and I decided to goof around with the camera a bit. We went outside on our back porch, the sun was starting to set and it was a perfect evening. I think we even decided to grill after this :) One of my FAVORITE lenses is the 50mm 1.2. I just love the bokeh! aaaahhh….the bokeh! Bokeh is a Japanese word meaning “blur.” It’s when you focus in on one point and the rest of the background just melts away into a dream like blur. It’s just So PRETTY! All of these pictures were taken at 1.2 and I love playing around with the camera at home. Enjoy some flower eyecandy!-0115-0074-0070-0044-0035-0032

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