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The Dampier Family Group Session / Valdosta Family Portrait Photography

© Meredith Klapp Photography. This post cannot be republished without permission. Stealing makes me sad.

I absolutely love this time of year. The weather starts to cool off from the hot south GA summer….and the mosquitos go away! That’s always a good thing! I love the golden colors as the seasons start to change. I look forward to the cook outs, the family meals together, bundling up and sitting around the fire, talking and enjoying my family. This evening was the perfect time for the Dampier family to get together for a big family portrait. What a gorgeous time of day! The sun was perfect. The two brothers (who you will see in the pictures below) both now have beautiful families. I hope someday that my sister and I will have kids around the same age that can play together. I can see that they all have a wonderful time together. Here are some of my favorites from their family group session.

Running through the feild of pecan trees….we had fun!

Kassie family session blog1-2Mabry- LOVE her name. I think it really suits her. She is such a beautiful, fun girl!
new-5416Little Jackson…he was such a good sport & he gave us a lot of laughs.
Kassie family session blog1-11

Ella is so pretty! – She could not have been any sweeter!Kassie family session blog2Doesn’t she look like the best big sister in the world. These two were so sweet.
Kassie family session blog1I love this one. Doesn’t she look like her mamma?! I love their similar hair cuts…
new-5749oh! My heart melts when I look at these! Kassie family session blog1-9I love seeing the faces of children in their parents. What a beautiful family!
Kassie family session blog1-1Brothers…most guys don’t like having thier picture made. They were good sports. The black and white one turned out to be one of my favorites. I love pictures of siblings, no matter what age.
Kassie family session blog1-3So peaceful….
Kassie family session blog1-10Adorable Jackson. I am a sucker for the serious pictures like the one in the middle.
Kassie family session blog1-6

Ella, looking lovely picking flowers.Kassie family session blog1-7The whole group
new-5612Some more of my favorites. Collages1

The Henderson Family / Valdosta Family Portrait Photography

© Meredith Klapp Photography. This post cannot be republished without permission. Stealing makes me sad.

Yesterday evening  the Henderson family and I ventured out to Barney, GA. It is full of beautiful feilds of farmland, including cotton feilds. The sun was setting and it was perfect cool weather for their family portrait session. We were also taking pictures to celebrate Allie’s 1st birthday….I had a wonderful time with Shelly and Allen. They are fabulous, fun parents and you can just see the love they have for eachother overflowing in their pictures. Allie couldn’t be more precious! I seriously couldn’t stop smiling while I was going through these pictures! They make me happy!!! Here are some of my favorites from the cotton feilds in Barney!

-4847-4846henderson blog-2-4807-5050henderson blog-1henderson blog-5057-5062-5053henderson blog-3-5188

The Sirmans Family / Valdosta Family Portrait Photography

The weather could not have been more perfect on this fall day. Sunny & breezy…it was just gorgeous weather for walking around, playing, and taking family portraits. Tate, who is three, was a dream to work with! He was up for anything. “Tate, will you stand over here by the fence?’ ‘Yes m’am.”……”Tate, can we take some pictures over here?’ ‘Okay!”…. He was such a good sport and looked so handsome! I hope I have a kid this sweet someday!! Here are some of my favorites from our session last night. I had a fanstastic time!

Here’s the beautiful family…. 

sirmans blog-2
Really, could he be any cuter?
sirmans blog
sirmans blog-1Tate is very loved….
So stylish! Don’t you just love his shirt and jeans!?
sirmans blog-4
sirmans blog-3-4327
sirmans blog-5And my favorite…boys being boys.

The Paulk Family

© Meredith Klapp Photography. This post cannot be republished without permission. Stealing makes me sad.



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