The sweet little moments in life. Waiting on Daddy to get home….

During the week, the early evening is my favorite time of day. I miss Phillip and Elise so much while I am at work, and I treasure the time we have together when we all get home.  Today, Elise and I got home before Phillip. It had been raining, but the sun decided to come out just in time for us to play while we waited for Daddy. We decided to do a little exploring around our house. Elise loves to be outside and she would stay outside all day if she had the choice. She loves to wander around and collect acorns, play in the puddles, and dig in the dirt. She definitely isn’t afraid to get dirty, but I also love how girly she is. She adores anything “pwitty!” (pretty) She sees “lowers” (flowers) and when you hear the excitement in her voice it’s like every single thing is the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. There is nothing sweeter than the innocent, pure joy from a child. Everything is so new and fun for her. I love how even though she is caught up in playing, she still has her Daddy on her mind…She eagerly waits for Phillip’s car to come around the corner. If she hears a car coming down the street she says, “Daddy home?”. So, while we waited for Daddy, we collected wild flowers and enjoyed the cool evening as the sun peeked through the trees. It was one of those moments where I fell even more in love with my sweet little girl. I just am constantly amazed at the incredible little person she is becoming. At last daddy’s car came around the corner and with her fist clutched tightly full of flowers, she screamed, “DADDY!” This is one of my favorite things in the world. Phillip is smiling ear to ear, and I love watching Elise run to him as fast as she can just laughing her heart out. She couldn’t wait to show Daddy all of the flowers she had collected in her little hand. I had to grab my camera and just TRY to capture this moment. Photos don’t do it justice – the love I feel is too enormous to fit into a few photographs. But I am happy I ran and grabbed my camera because I know one day Elise will be all grown up and won’t remember this moment, but I will show her how important these little moments are. These little things are what life is really about….

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