Child or Family Portrait Sessions


 Details of your child or family portrait session include: 

  • A fun, laid back session at the outdoor location of your choice (usually 1-2 hours before sunset for best lighting) Multiple locations if time allows.  
  • Up to 2 outfits (optional) 
  • At least 30 edited and retouched images in a password protected online gallery.
  • Up to 5 family members are included in a portrait session. I no longer offer large extended family sessions, however, if you wish to add additional friends or family members, there is an additional $25 fee per person.
  • 1-2 weeks after your session, you will be able to view your photos in a password protected gallery. You will be able to download your files, and purchase prints/canvases. Orders must be placed within the two week time frame, or there is a $25 re-hosting fee.


A $200 retainer fee is required to book a session. Payments can be made via check, or Paypal. Before your session, I ask that you fill out a brief portrait questionnaire so I can customize your session. 
Travel Fee: Sessions that require me to travel farther than 30 miles outside of zipcode 31632 will be charged a $25 mileage fee
After your session, your password protected gallery will be available for viewing 1-2 weeks after your session date and will include instructions for digital download.  

For family portrait sessions, or children over 6 months,  an outdoor location normally works best.  Since every child and family is unique, I would be happy to help you choose a location that suits your family’s personality.  The early morning and late afternoon/early evening light works best for photographs taken outdoors.

I recommend allowing up to 1-2 hours for your child’s or family’s photographs to be taken. I encourage you to ensure your child is as well rested as possible with a full tummy.  Children may play, draw, read, and do whatever they would normally do if I wasn’t around.  Depending on the child, your wishes, and the day, I may also take a more structured approach to the session.  Kids being kids, they often get bored or tired easily, so short breaks for changing, snacks, or even just a chat are all part of the fun. It’s sometimes these moments that create the best images!

My style of photography is very relaxed, artistic, and candid.  My goal is to capture the personality of your child, and the love of your family in truly original photographs to display in your home.  The smiles and giggles, the funny faces, and all the details that make your child and family unique.

Here are some tips below to get the most out of your family portrait sessions, and make it a fun unforgettable experience the whole family will enjoy:


#1- Parents: Get in the picture!

I have many parents say they don’t want to be in the pictures. Trust me, I completely understand! But, please give this gift to your children (and yourself). There is no more important accessory for a child than the loving arms of his/her parents. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, so let this be a gift for your children. Come prepared and dressed for at least a few shots in the beginning. We’ll make it quick and painless. Also, if you have shy children you may NEED to be in some of the photographs to help warm them up.  If you are set on having a session that exclusively focuses on the child only – that is completely ok! Just make sure to schedule an additional family portrait soon to document that time together in your lives! You and your children will cherish them forever and you’ll be so grateful you did!


#2- What do we wear?

My number 1 most important tip about clothing choices: Please do not match. Do NOT wear all the same color shirts. How do you choose your colors? You can start with what looks good on you (or your children) and also consider your background!  Green grass, the color of the trees (changes by season). Also don’t forget to consider where you plan to display these portraits in the home. Planning on purchasing wall portraits? Consider coordinating with the colors in the rooms where you will display the portraits! Yes, I am serious! Select a wardrobe for the family that has pieces that all coordinate with each other. Test out your selections by laying everyone’s outfits out on your bed and ask yourself if everything coordinates. I get texts and pictures from clients all the time asking about wardrobe choices. I love that! I am always here if you ever have any questions or need help deciding!


Also consider bringing:  Hair accessories, flowers, scarves, jewelry, jackets, hats and boots are great! These fun little details can add personality and bring a unique look to your photos!

I have put together a pinterest board (love piterest!) of some great family portrait clothing ideas.

For family portrait clothing ideas, click HERE


Pack a bag with some snacks, juice, or water. Kids get hungry and thirsty, and that can make them cranky. If you have small children, consider bringing something to distract them. Things like bubbles, a favorite stuffed animal, or a squeaky fun toy to get their attention are great.  Just make sure it is something you don’t mind having in a few pictures (like this little girl and her favorite stuffed bunny below). Also don’t forget to bring extra diapers or a pacifier.  Sometimes babies just need a diaper change, or moment to calm down with a paci or favorite toy if they get upset. Usually after a few minutes, they will be happy and ready to go again!


 Pay attention to the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Wear/bring layers if it is chilly.  If it is a hot day, please don’t dress your child in warm clothes. This will make your child miserable and will result in a very unhappy baby! Some of the cutest photographs are with babies in their birthday suit. Babies may come to a session in a cute outfit, but if it’s really hot, be open to taking off clothes and just having them pose in bloomers or with no shirt. Plus, those baby rolls are just precious!!!


Manage your own expectations. Each session is UNIQUE! Have an idea of what you would like to capture, but understand that depending on the mood of your child at that given moment, you may or may not be able to capture those dream images. Just stay positive, make it fun and try to go with the flow and I will get something beautiful!

 Don’t tell the kids to smile! Get them to laugh by doing/saying silly unexpected things or by ticking them. THOSE are the smiles you want, not the cheesy ones you get when you tell them SMILE or say CHEESE! yuck! I have been known to make quite a fool of myself when I take pictures. I sing, dance, make monkey noises, play peek-a-boo, blow bubbles.  Hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get that smile!



 Let your kids play. Let them be goofy and silly. Some of those candid shots of them where they don’t even know I am taking their picture can be some of the best! Last but not least, Trust ME! And don’t worry about the little things. I can get rid of boogers, boo boos and blemishes, etc! Your pictures will be beautiful! Just have FUN and enjoy this time with your family!



STUDIO: 104 S. Church St. Hahira, GA 31632

229-563-3107 | M-Th 9am-5pm

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